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February 15, 2008 4:34 PM

Today has been one of the longest work days in some time. My vacation is finally here. After 3 months of planning my plane to San Diego leaves tonight and I can't wait. Andy's picking me up to head over to Scott's tonight. We get a few days of relaxing and hopefully surfing before we truck it up to Mammoth Mountain for 4 days of condo living and snowboarding in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It truly should be amazing. Anyway, my day in finally done here at work. It's time to pack things up and get going. I'll update again with how the trip went when I get back. Wes...

December 13, 2007 1:21 PM

Finally I decided I have procrastinated long enough. For some reason I have had a hard time finding the motivation to come back to update the site. I am sorry to anyone that is checking this. In any event, things are really going well. About 4 months back I was given a promotion at work to move from team lead down in the operations center up to Tier II Server Administration. I have to admit, there have been weeks when I didn't think I could pull it off but so far everything has come together nicely. The position does have it's high and low points and things have gotten extremely technical and advanced but I've been able to pull through. The experience has been awesome and hopefully it's just another step up the ladder for bigger and better. I am hoping to make Tier III or tech lead with installs sometimes in the next 12-18 months but we'll see. - Madison is doing well. She has moved down to St. George with her Aunt and Uncle to help take care of kids down there and work at a beauty spa. Although it has been difficult for our relationship on some levels, she has enjoyed the time down there and I have tried to be as supportive as possible. She may be looking at coming back up here after 6 months of time down there which would be great. I'd love to have her close again. - Everybody loves Christmas and this one should be a great one! Unfortunately I'll be spending it away from Madi and her family to go see mine in Denver. I'm super excited for everything that's coming next week. First Jon is flying out from San Diego to spend it with all of us. I go to pick him up at the Airport Sunday and he'll be staying with me until the 29th!! Second is our DirectPointe company party in the grand salon up at the Grand America Hotel in SLC. This will be my 3rd one! I can't believe I've been working here for so long. Third is a party over at my place with a ton of friends including Crystal who will be coming down from Salt Lake to stay. The next day, Jon her and I will all be making the drive out to Denver for the family. All in all, as long as things go smoothly, it should be a wonderful Christmas season with friends and family. I hope all of you get to share in the same. ..Wes..

June 27, 2007 1:06 PM

I think this is the first post in over 2 years that I have had with the sun on this side of the earth. I've moved back to days and away from those graveyard shifts. So far things have been great. It is a longer week but being here and keeping things going makes it less painful. Promotions are always great too. I've moved up to team lead for DirectPointe which has included training and hiring, working with the install teams onsite and a few other boring things. It's fun and I like it so far though and the respect I've earned around here always feels good. - Beyond that, summer has been good so far. Weather has been great considering some of the crazy temperatures there have been around the country. The nights are perfect for riding though. I caught up with one of the biggest crowds so far this year. Last week at about 11PM there was 30+ sport bikes of all kinds lined up and ready to go. It was a lot of fun and their all really good guys. We're always looking out for each other. - I've also had a club night recently up in Salt Lake. I took a couple close friends up to take advantage of the VIP passes I got from a friend. All in all it was a good night... Expensive but good! - Anyway, back to work for me, I've got to many questions being passed my way to keep these thoughts together. Thanks for reading and staying in touch with me everyone. Take care. ...Wes...

May 03, 2007 12:53 AM

Now this update is by far my worst. I think about and get hassled with how long it's been since I've added anything. Well tonight is the night ladies and gentlemen. I have to start by saying that even with the doubt that has been hovering above myself and Madison, things are just great. She has me and I have her. Summer is always about traveling and spending time in the sun and shine with those you love. I hope you all are doing the same. - Beyond that as always, work is really coming together for me. I've been training a few guys at work to finally take over my graveyard shifts. It's coming into 3 months with getting these guys up to speed but everything is going as I had anticipated. I've been working the front lines, taking phone calls from people all around the world for far to long. DirectPointe is and has been the career/school I've been looking for and working towards since my teens. - Beyond that, life is good, Madison is amazing, summer is just starting and plans are forming. This weekend we have a crew heading up to a cabin. It's deep in Spanish Fork canyon in a gated community far beyond contact from anyone that is not wanted. Everyone is looking forward to it. - I have also posted a few new pictures from a recent Hogle Zoo trip and the new 07 supersport bike that I bought. Enjoy... Wes...

February 22, 2007 3:18AM

Well I can finally say that I suck as a webmaster. It has been far to long since I updated everything and for that I am sorry to all of you who come to visit. I do have to say that I am doing very well though. Just another night at work but fortunately it is the last for this week. Things have been interesting here with a few new rookies that I have been training over the last few weeks. They are coming along well even though I don't feel that I am the best teacher, no matter how well I know the material. - Going back a bit my trip with Andy to Vegas and Park City was just perfect. We lost in Vegas but who doesn't. I didn't walk away upset though, they're just games and we went to play. No more no less. We we're there for two days and headed home and past that up to the mountain. Snowboarding was something super new and I did slam the ice a few times but by our third day up there Andy and I we're cruisin together pretty well. If you haven't got up and out to hit those slopes, do it... Do it. - Works getting busy though so I am going to end this a lot shorter than I wanted to but I promise to come back and talk more soon. Thanks everyone. ..Wes..

November 27, 2006 12:23AM

It's well past due for an update as usual. It's been one of those slower months which is backwards considering so much has been going on. To start Thanksgiving for my family and I was a blast as usual. The parents cruised in from Denver with the 4 little miniature dobermans including Deacon. Fortunately time off with work went perfectly and I was able to keep him at my place for a few days. I needed that. It's to bad for allot of people though. I guess it's that time of year again. Aaron and his family we're pinned down with the flu and for the last 2 days both of my parents got nailed with the same thing. They have had to stay for an extra day to rest up and get better. The good news is I never got it and everyone seems to have recovered really quickly. - On an equally fantastic note, Madison moved out of her parents place and in with a few good friends from grade school. Both seem to be really nice and are all about helping each other and having a good time. I'm hoping this will give her a chance to take a load off and relieve some stress that was unavoidable living at home. It's given is a chance to spend a little more time together to relax and enjoy each others company. I have no complaints. - My next big up is going to be in January after Andy graduates from college with a civil engineering degree. I have to say I am impressed with the guy. We've both come a long way. So, for his big trip from the parents they are putting us up in Vegas for 3 days and then on to Park City for another 2 days to get out and hit the inclines with our snowboards. I live for these trips. It should be one I'll never forget. Anyway, back to work for me. I still have another 9 hours of so left with tons to do. Thanks again for checking out what's going on with me. I appreciate it. Take care. ...Wes...

October 13, 2006 4:20AM

I feel some real new changes happening. On a level where it's natural but also necessary but on top of that... inflicted. Things are excellent as I always say they are but something is different. I feel rejuvenated and in an excellent state of mind. I feel ready to take on obstacles I've set myself up for as well as ones that have been intentionally and unintentionally setup for me. I just hope that I am on a path that is going continue to lead me where I need to be. ...Wes...

September 3, 2006 2:41 AM

Well, I believe this is the longest I have lagged with getting a new entry going for my site. I do apologize. I can't say that it's been busier, more hectic or more stressful than ever before but I can say that things have been, eventful, to say the least. California was unforgettable as my summers out there always are but this one definitely broke even if not topped my last trip and wrecked car. This time my transmission broke down at 1AM in Barstow on my way out there. Long story short, that was a couple grand to take care of and then to flip it around, my last day out there the Accord was broken into ending in a chattered window, a broken hood latch cable, busted battery connections and a grand worth of stereo equipment gone. Let me be the one to say, it was simply outstanding!!! Hah. All that aside, I didn't let it ruin the trip and we still had a blast, without a doubt. - So getting through that which ended 6 weeks ago or so, things have been a ton of fun. I am looking at taking a very lucrative promotion at work with heading into partial management, Richie is moving down here, just about 3 blocks from my place, Madi and I are well as ever and I love her to death. My treat aside from all that sweet stuff is the bike I picked up a few weeks back. I'll let the pictures do the talking there. Thanks for reading everyone. Stop back in soon. ..Wes..

June 28, 2006 1:25 AM

The day has finally come. All the planning and talking and saving and working. I have 6 more hours left of work. I need a vacation so bad. On top of all that it's been one of the busiest and craziest weeks I have had yet on these graveyard shifts and for that matter since I got this job. It's been one hell of a fight being here alone over night for the past few days but without a doubt, well worth it. Oddly and thankfully enough it's been pretty slow so far and I am five hours into it already. This is a good sign. I need a bit of down time on my last day to relax a bit before taking off. So, I get to finish this shift off, get home pack, hang out with my girl, sleep and finally hit the road to get to San Diego somewhere in between two and four AM. Fortunately while making this trip that I have so many times, not only is the drive a fun one but I gain an hour so that helps. Anyway, back to the grind. I have much left to do to get ready to get out of here on time and still so much to plan. Thanks always for checking in to see what's going on for me guys. I appreciate all of you. I'll throw another update in when I get out there and get comfortable. Wes...

June 20, 2006 4:48 AM

It's getting close and I'm getting that feeling again. It's a Christmas morning feeling when your 5 years old at 6 AM. Butterflies I guess it would be. I need a vacation more than anyone that sits in this room with me day after day. Or in my case, night after night. It hit me last week that I've been on these 12 hour graveyard shifts for a year now. And on top of that I haven't missed an unscheduled day of work that entire time. Even the 1 or 2 times that I crawled in here with a vicious fever. Now that was hard but well worth it. Anyway, San Diego is 8 days away and I literally can't wait. Everything has come together very nice. From the planning, to finances to time spent. All of it is just about perfect and so far from what I can tell, well planned. I hope it stays that way and that I can avoid another one of those mishaps like my last trip out there 2 and a half years ago... I'm sure everything will go smoothly this time around. I have a much better feeling about this trip. So, another day of work almost down which was extremely productive. Work just gets better and better. My family and friends and relationship as well. A few things are a bit rocky but it's nothing that can't be worked out and worked on. Thanks for reading friends. updates soon... Wes...

May 30, 2006 2:35 AM

Richie and I we're talking about this the other day. It seems to be consistent with quite a few people that I know. I'll be 25 in less than 2 weeks. It seems that right around this age is a period of time where we have seen responsibility really kicking in gear for friends and loved ones. There are without a doubt, quite a few that I know who are still struggling to get it together and keep it together but for us, we think it's a good age. I have been doing well with most thing I can think of. Among anything else I am seriously looking forward to a few weeks of down time at the end of June. San Diego and I have missed each other. I'll definitely be sad to be leaving Madison for the time I'm out there but it sounds like she has some fun things planned in the mean time.... - Work is and has been great lately. I'm coming up and getting noticed by many. It feels good and I can tell it's only going to get better if I can stay on top of it. Sorry for the weak update this time around, I'm too tired at the moment to dig to deep. Thanks though, until next time. ..Wes..

April 24, 2006 4:20 AM

I have been waiting for something lately. I wish I could place it, pinpoint it... I just am not sure right this minute. In any event, I do feel and think that it a major transition period may have already started or is on it's way for me. With what you ask? Well, I am asking the same question. I suppose all I can do is pay attention to as many details and feelings as possible to feel it out and do my best to make the greatest decisions with the up and coming. It's not a bad thing as far as I can see. Everything is still pretty good if I we're to ask myself. Life is excellent on many levels for me. I am looking forward to the first vacation since I started this job a year and a half ago. And the first time I'll find myself back in sunny San Diego since the accident with my MX-6 all the way back in April of 2004. It's going to be interesting but fun without a doubt. Andy and I have much planned so far and having a bunch of family making to trek to get together for the 4th of July will be a first in a few years as well. I'll keep things up to date with how that and everything else is going as much as I can. Thanks for reading my friends. Feel good, have fun and enjoy life! I know I am...Thanks... Wes. P.S, new page up and going. Check it out here...Additions coming soon.

March 22, 2006 12:42 AM

It feels like there is so much going on but when I have time to slow down and think about things it's all in order pretty well. It's not that there is so much going on and changing, it's just that there is a few things here and there that are a big deal to me. One would be moving in with Richie. It really does seem like it's on the up and up but I am still a bit hesitant for some reasons I am aware of and some that I am maybe not to clear with. It's mostly just feelings and I am having a bit of a tough time placing it. Another is something amazing and truly awesome that fell into my lap last week... I had a friend from well over 10 years find me on MySpace. I am sure most of you have had the same happen to you. Keenan from way back in San Diego. 7th grade I believe it was. This guy was a true friend and we always had a blast including a few very unique experienced with fights and growing up. All good times for sure. In any event, he found me and he is into the DJ and party scene pretty deep. It's sick talking to such an old friend that still has so much in common with me as we did back then. Anyway, he's looking at putting me up for my first real show at a party to spin a set. Needless to say I am quite nervous and practicing with my new tables and mixer as often as possible... So in the end, even still, things are great. I am happy and life and work and love is going in a good direction. I hope all the same for all of you... Thanks for reading! ..Wes..

October 5, 2005 5:32AM

Well it has been an extremely busy night. Tuesday's are often action packed with people to help and problems to fix but there was some serious multi-tasking going on a few hours ago between 9 different chat conversations and non-stop phone calls. It's becoming more of a fun things rather than anything else I am enjoying my position more and more as I learn and grow with the job. I love it. - Work aside another extremely eventful and exciting chunk of life I am loving is my time, experience and relationship with Madison. It truly has been a blessing as things have blossomed and expanded between myself and this wonderful young lady. It has been a very unique experience to say the least with her but also with her family. I thoroughly enjoy the time we spend together, it continually gets better and better by the day. - The family is doing very well also, we have multiple new additions that have come recently as well as on the way. Between the 5 of us that are married my parents are looking at 8 grand children and one more on the way in about a month or so. Each extremely cute and very unique. Fortunately I have a few within driving distance. I wish I had all within my reach to watch and help grow up but everyone is so spread out it's a bit difficult. We are planning a small reunion out in Denver this Christmas and a larger one next summer. Hopefully we can get all 9 of us together to spend some time sharing and just having a good time. - Other than that things are steadily moving day by day. Life's great and I am looking forward to so much to come. Thanks for reading. ..Wes..

February 8, 2006 1:10 AM

Here is yet another far over due update and post from myself. I am sorry for all of you that are so supportive of myself and this site. I wish I was better and keeping things consistent with it but, well, life is busy and I am lazy. So there you have it! I have been happy lately. Life has been moving very well for me lately. That also seems to be the case for all of my family as well. It's amazing watching all of them grow and learn. Some of the new little kids are finally getting old enough for me to throw em around and wear them out, which all the parents like. Beyond all that I may be looking at a new job. It seems like a big step up even from where I am now. We'll see where that goes. - So, Richie seems to have had enough of T-Mobile and they're crap up in Boise. He has caught up with me lately and said that he has landed a new job down here and is looking at packing things up and coming back to Utah in a few weeks. I think this is outstanding, he's a bro to the absolute end and it would be a pleasure to have him around again to jam with and have a good time. I hope all of this works out. Love you all, thanks for reading. Sorry for being lame and procrastinating so much. I'm trying to do better with it. ..Wes.

January 4, 2006 1:05 AM

Time flys past faster than I can keep up with it seems like. It seems most people I know say the same thing. Another month has passed, another year has faded. 2005 was an excellent one for me I must say. Coming up this month I will be heading onto my second year at DirectPointe and things are still going strong. Aside from being overworked and deprived of sleep from time to time I don't think it could have worked out any better so far. I've been DJ'n quite a bit and getting better by the month. 2005 has been a great year for that and Madison has been a gift from god. Our situation gets better by the day, consistently we enjoy eachothers company more and more. She is back in LA right now at Disneyland with her family. They are sharing some down time together to have a nice experience before Jeremiah dives into his mission in a few months. It's good for all of them to get away and relax in a fun place. I have missed her and all of them quite a bit, but they will be heading back Friday so it's not so bad. For me, this week has gone well, I was off work from the 21st to the 31st which was outstanding. A much needed and deserved break from this place and a time to catch up on sleep. It went very well I must say. I did not end up going to Denver so Crystal was down at my place for Christmas. We spent that morning over at the Nielsens to open presents and share some good times. It was a morning i will never forget. I love em all and I'm glad I was here for my sister to give her some family and good people to be around for the holidays. Anyway, that's all over now and a new year has kicked off in a good way I think. I hope all of your holiday times we're as excellent as mine. As always, thanks for reading and checking in with me. I really do appreciate it. ..Wes..

November 30, 2005 12:37AM

Yet another month has sped by faster than I can even believe. Much has happened, some good, some bad but all worthwhile. First I must say that life is still excellent no matter what angle I try to look at. Madison is a godsend and truly one of the best and most fun people I have ever had the honor of meeting and associating with. No complaints here. Things are and have been going great. We are looking forward to driving out to Denver with Elise to see my parents and family for Christmas. The drive and experience and time together is something all of us have been very excited about for quite a while now. I hope everything goes smooth with the weather and drive. The last thing I need at this point is another accident. - I recently went camping with Madison's Brothers, Jer, Brig and James. Jeff, Texas and Diaz came as well. It was a helluva crew. We decided on the spot that we stayed last time when camping up Spanish Fork Canyon. Everything was fine when we got up there. It was not to tough of a drive maneuvering around a few rocks and what not on the dirt road. It was nice and sunny heading up. We ended up passing out at about Midnight and woke up at about 8. By then there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground and still coming down hard. We ate and decided it would be best to get out of there as soon as possible as 2 of the cars, mine included, we're only 2 wheel drive. Anyway, long story short, I messed with the mountain and the mountain won. I think the pictures I've posted should say enough. In the end everything worked out great. It was such a great and thankful to see almost 12 guys up in the middle of nowhere breaking they're backs to help me get my car out. It truly was an amazing and humbling experience and as always I learned a ton from it. Thanks for reading, I'll update again soon. See ya. ..Wes..

September 9, 2005 2:08AM

I still can't come up with a single thing to complain about. I mean things have been pretty good with me for quite a while however since I have met Madison and Elise things seem to keep getting better by the day. We have hit a few snags and bumps due to the circumstance and situation at hand but between us things are quite litereally, perfect if you ask me. Elise has run into a few recent problems with a relationship that was looking like it was something amazing for both of them for a while however they to ran into a few issues that we're unworkable at the moment. We all feel for her and are here to help no matter what. - Work is good... Great in fact. These 12 hour shifts straight through the night are not necessarily getting any easier as far as keeping my brain functioning at full speed 11 hours into it but the work is getting easier as I am learning more. It's worked out great so far but I am looking forward to getting a regular 8 hour 5 day a week shift when the chance comes around again. - I have had some great changes with my mental and physical life style and attitude lately as well, I really feel excellent with the way things are going and I intend to keep pushing myself to work harder and be a better guy. Thanks for reading again everyone. I'd like to talk a bit more about Madi but I think I'll save that for a little later. I'll be back soon! Thanks again for all your support!

p.s. Few new pictures added to Snap Shots Page...

August 22, 2005 4:41AM

Yet again another month has passed with me sitting here hour after hour a lot of the time with very little to do when working so late. But still I have not taken the time to come and post to update and talk a little about what's going on. I keep saying I'll get better at it but I've given up apologizing. I'll just come back as often as I have the energy to, to update and post a new message....Anyway, things are great as they have been for quite a while now. There has been a few bumps here and there but all in all my life has been excellent no matter what angle I look at it. Good times, places, people and memories. I am a bit sad to see the school year starting for so many of my new friends but on the other hand I am extremely excited for them as many are starting college classes for the first time. that must really be nerve racking to be diving into something like that. I wouldn't know as I still am lacking the education I so desperately need to get where I want to end up but it will come. I have plans to get involved in some specialized schooling with IT development in one area or another in the next year or two but for now I am happy where I am and with what I am doing. Directpointe and the experience I have gained just in the last 8 months has truly been invaluable and I have no intentions of leaving this company or place for as long as it takes. Thanks so much for those of you who visit and check this out. I'll really try to put an effort into keeping things interesting and fun a bit more over the next little while. ..Wes..

July 25, 2005 4:39AM

I am so bad at this, why can't I just come and update and write more often. I spend so much time and energy doing so many other pointless things and end up avoiding coming here to update all of you great supporters. I am sorry about being with updating but bear with me. It's been pretty hectic the past 6 weeks. I have dug into these 12 hour graveyard shifts. It's still going to take a bit of getting used to with sleeping during the day but I am enjoying it for the most part. I have learned so much I could not even begin to explain and the long multiple day weekends are unbeatable. Personally things are also very excellent, I'm hitting the gym 2-3-4 times a week and feeling great about that. I recently took the initiative and found a local singles ward with the church and went to that yesterday for the first time. It was an excellent experience and look forward to going back to get further acquainted with the people and situation. The friendship with Madison and her family continues to progress and seems to be getting better by the day. We get along so well it's a bit eerie at times. It's been a true blessing to meet her as well as to encounter so many of the great things that have come into my life in the past 1 to 2 years. I am just speechless and amazed with so much of it. So there you have it for now. I will be back to write again soon.....I hope. Thanks for reading.  ..Wes..Out...

June 13, 2005 3:16PM

Well my Birthday has come and gone. It was a very good and fun one though. I started off with a great conversation with Madison and a decent nights sleep. I hit up my longboard to get some blood flowing and ate an awesome breakfast... Family was crucial so I headed over to my brother Aaron's and my Grandparents condo to toss the niece around and have some cake. From there I was so kindly invited over to Madi's house for a warming celebration. We had an excellent time. I received some very thoughtful presents including a spiderman poster that everyone signed, I love it. Keri and Madi also made me a lemon cake that I had a hard time not asking for 3rd's. We played a few fun games and wrapped up the night talking and laughing. It was a ton of fun, but like everything else it had to come to an end. I headed home and cruised out on the longboard for another hour or two before heading to bed for another excellent nights sleep. It was a success all in all, it's feels great to know that I have good people surrounding me that care about me. Everyone needs that from time to time.

June 6, 2005 5:56PM

Well yet another month has passed and I flailed with posting. I am very sorry to all you readers out there that are so kind to keep up with me and my site. I keep telling myself that I need to start updating at least once a week but again, for some reason I always find something else to do. I am here at work now, the day has gone very well so far, just enough to stay busy and pass the day. DirectPointe has been very good to me. Other than that, life has been excellent, I have made some new friends that I see being very beneficial for me and assisting me with staying on point. Namely Madison, Keri and Elise. Three young ladies that I have been fortunate to come in contact with and get to know and like quite a bit. It's nice to know nice people, I was beginning to think I would not get that opportunity again however they have shown me otherwise. It's been a good time. - It's finally really starting to feel like summer around here as well. I and I'm sure most of the valley has been waiting far to long to get out and enjoy some sunny active days. I picked up a new longboard and got a free year's pass to Golds Gym which a block from my front door. It's about time I get back up and start getting a bit more chizzled as I was a few years back. Thats it for now. I'll be back soon. Thanks for reading.

April 26, 2005 7:58PM

It has been longer than usual with updating my journal. I don't know what my problem has been, but I think about it almost everyday and for some reason something distracts me or I find a reason not to do it. It doesn't make sense because I love coming in here and changing things. Oh well. I have been doing very well lately. Things are continually looking better personally and in the persuit to find a serious career path. I have just passed my 90 day mark here at DirectPointe and even now, I don't have anything negative to say aside from the fact that we are under staffed and that is always hard. I have learned more than I had anticipated and things are still just getting started. It's excellent. I have also met a very nice young lady friend which has worked out very well so far also. It's almost creepy how much we have in common and think alike with attitudes, humor and allot about life in general. It's nice to find nice people. Other than that, things are pretty much the same in the daily grind. I am however, getting back in to skating finally. It's been about a year of down time trying to heal, but I think I am finally at a spot where I can hop back on a board and get some skills back. This summer is going to be excellent. Drop me a message on the board or feel free to email me. I'd love to hear from everyone that keeps up with me site. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

March 03, 2005 5:35PM

Well I've passed the one month mark at DirectPointe and still there is nothing I have to complain about. It's been, some would say... A dream come true. But what's better is the fact that it's just beginning. This can only go up with what I know and the situation that I have created for myself. It's excellent. I'm doing a very good job as well. My first month I had over 250 calls and just over 300 total incidents/interactions in one way another with customers for Bayer pharmaceuticals and DirectPointe clients. The manager I have over me right now is on point. There are others from Convergys that I got a job here working with me. What's funny is some of these guys have always been over my head. Better pay and higher ranked jobs but a few are getting hired on as Level 1 Technicians when I was hired as  level 3. I have out performed many on the floor allready, so again, my boss (the one who interviewed and hired me) saw something in me that told him I was capable of starting out on a higher level than most that come through getting a job here. Needless to say it's a great feeling having this knowledge, however I NEED more. I love this stuff. So, back to work. Thanks for reading.

February 16, 2005 5:17PM

I have gone through some major changes since my past post. I am no longer providing support for Microsoft Products. I now work for a company called DirectPointe. Everything has been unbelievable since the 1st time I stepped into the new building for the interview nearly 3 weeks ago. I got a call Monday, Interview Tuesday and I was hired Wednesday. The following week I walked out of this last job for the last time and started here the next day.  - I am down in the NOC supporting multiple companies including they're clients and employees. A few of the majors are MTI, Certiport, Directpointe and Bayer Pharma. All the technicalities and problems that are presented really are not that difficult, it's just a matter of re-training my brain with new software, environments and processes to document and fix things that are happening. I am still sitting at a desk taking calls for the most part but there are so many added bonuses I've had a hard time digesting the fact that I am actually appreciated. - I had one of the best experiences in my life over the last 6 days. Last week (Monday) I was asked to go on an install for DirectPointe. We had a client that signed a new contract and we needed to head down to Phoenix  with the next computers to back up all old data, install new machines and transfer everything back on to the new Laptop's and Desktop's. Everything went off without a hitch. It was a very long drive but I learned so much about what I will be doing with DirectPointe support. Anyway, things are as usual, going great but this time, things are better than they have ever been since I got out to Utah. Thanks for reading. ..Wes..

January 14, 2005 3:08PM

Another excellent day in this cramped office space with machines I could have built 10 years ago that would have been faster and more efficient. One would think Microsoft could afford new equipment for the longest and strongest running tech support team since 85. But, what do I know right? Anyway, I'm sorry....Just in a bad mood of sorts this afternoon. No real reason that I have been able to pinpoint. I'm just pissed, which is highly unusual for me. I have sort of become the "easy going" "laid back", California kid to most of my friends out here in Utah. I guess it's good genes or the way I was raised. Dunno, but I enjoy life most of the time. Staying away from women all together for the last 3-4 years has been a huge benefit. They seem complex just about every angle of interaction or conversation when involved in, what people seem to call a "long, meaningful relationship". Otherwise, I have no problem and usually get along with whoever I come across, women or men.....So, along a few different lines, I may also be looking forward to a new employment opportunity. Details are a bit fuzzy and drawn out, but in the end it is technical and there are endless amounts of changes to progress and move up within this new company. I got the connection from another tech here at work. I gave him a spiffed up resume and started hoping. We'll see how this pans out. I would not be surprised if I did not hear back for a couple of weeks, but Dan was sure they would get back to me one way or another. It's a bit further away from home, but I have no question that a minor pay cut right to start off and the 10 minute drive will absolutely pay off in the end. I need a new avenue of the IT industry to steer down. I hope this job is it. I sure as hell have waited long enough. . . .Wes.

November 27, 2004 9:22AM

First day of snow that actually stuck in the valley. It's kinda nice. There's not a whole lot that I don't like about the winter in Utah. I think I'm usually cool with everything aside from early mornings in a cold car. Ahem, like this morning. I am rather jealous considering the fact that I would have been in San Diego this weekend with the family if upper management didn't change the time off policy(s). My parents rented the beach house down in Mission Beach once again. They got both floors but filling the rooms is not going to be as difficult as some summers. Then again, almost every other time it's been rented around august. Right now the only people on the beach is dedicated surfers and old men running... - For whatever reason I always mention work in these posts. I am not entirely sure why, but I'm going to do it again. I'm sitting here now, got here 30 minutes ago and they are again offering early go homes for anyone with any shift. It's a little disturbing. I have been through so many different times with thousands in hold and 7 hours in available playing miniature gold down the isles. Unfortunately they took the golf away, but I have a mini 7inch dvd player so with that and my technical web sites, I should be able to avoid most of the boredom.

October 06, 2004 4:34PM

Jeez, I have really lagged with updating this site lately. I apologize for those of you who come often. Generally things are good, I worked through everything with the accident and insurance companies. The settlement came through and all medical bills have been paid. It took about 7 months to get everything finalized but it is done. Work is good as usual. My statistics in comparison to the rest of the floor and entire project are much higher than average. In this industry and situation, job security has always been a bit of a threat. But with the way I have performed, consistently over the last 7 months. I don't think I have anything to worry about. I am shooting for at least 5 years with this job and company. I would love to stick around until and after a decent amount of experience with supporting Longhorn when it is released. Aside from all of that things are great. I moved into a new place closer to work for an awesome price. Can't complain. I started skating quite a bit more and the GYM here at work has been a great release. I got the pass and have been going every other morning at about noon. It feels great to get some consistent exercize after all the injuries from skateboarding. My ankles, hips and jaw are still in need of surgery but for now I can maintain and try to stay healthy while I'm young. Anyway, thanks for reading, I gotta get back to work.                              ..Wes..

August 13, 2004 4:16PM

Welp, it's Friday. It's been one if those easy quick weeks. Great calls at work though. I've learned quite a bit, even in just the last few days. - Service Pack 2 has also been released on a limited basis. It's going to be a gigantic call generator. - Things are good in general. I finally have pushed my attorney to continue with the process and it has finally reached the settlement section of this whole thing. I'm expecting that my new contact will be getting back to me in a week or 2 with the 1st offer from Geico. Who knows. It's fake money, until it's in my bank account. - I have had a good amount of fun lately as well. My good buddy Nic and his friend threw a house party up in Kearns. I packed my entire PC up and mixed music for the masses all night. It worked out very well actually aside from the fact that there was a wide variety of people that showed up. Everyone kept coming up to me asking for everything from Reggae to Rock to Britney Spears. It was frustrating as the 6th hour of this started. But all in all it was successful. I had a blast. - So back off to work for me. That's it for now. This lady needs help formatting. heh, I think I can handle it.

June 23, 2004 10:30 PM

I hate when I go so long in between entries in here and in my personal journal. There's always so much going on, it never stops to amaze me when I look back at it all. To begin with, everything is going fairly smooth at work. My numbers and metrics are always top notch compared to the rest of the floor, but as is now.....India is slowly taking over and Microsoft is empowering this. Or, Convergys, at least. On every location and on every team for XP Support they have cut hours. They we're looking for volunteers and if they did not find them, they we're going to assign it to the "less productive" technicians on each team. Well I sort of did and sort of didn't volunteer. But there are other guys on my team with families and much more intensive financial responsibilities. So, I put my name out there and got stuck with it. They cut 2 hours off the beginning of our shifts. So, 10 hours short every week, 20 for the paycheck, unless I pull off some extra time on my weekends. Which I defiantly will be doing. But, in any event. It sucks! Beyond that, everything is good. My car is treating we well, however the payments are not, heh. But I'll pull it off for sure. I'm adding a new page for the wrecked 94 MX-6 and the new 98 Accord after I finish this blurb. All in all, I as I always say. Things are good. I'm happy with this way I do things and how my head works. But it works out even better considering the fact that all my intentions lately are healthy, progressive and mature. So, I feel pretty good......Broke as hell, but good. Thank for reading! - Wow, I also just realized that today is exactly 6 months since my first entry on this site! Kinda crazy!

May 06, 2004 8:22 PM

If at any times in my life things have come along so quickly in such a short time this is it. Since my last post I have hired an attorney, bought a new 98 Accord and put myself in a spinal rehab center with recommendations from the attorney's office. It has worked out pretty well so far. I started with Cascade Spinal Rehab and now, due to lack of progress, I am getting treatment at Fit Quest and from my big brother Aaron. He is certified as a massuse and the chiropractor is helping a bunch since I started going. Over 6 weeks out of work though. Now that has been tough. My back and neck have been pretty tore up. I have vertebrae that are twisted between my shoulder blades, poking ribs and stretching joints. It's been a pain in the butt to deal with. But, progress is on the way. I'm heading back to work this Monday to get back on track........I also moved from Poppy's back into my best of bud's, Andy Rees' house. I lived here previously to Poppy's and it does feel good to be back around him and his wife...... - I feel lame about not keeping up on this side as well as I should have, but I will really try harder to update more and keep this site as entertaining as possible. Thanks for check'n in! Nother update coming soon enough!

April 03, 2004 12:39 AM

Again and again, I'm astounded with how fast time seems to literally -fly by-...I have left and come back from San Diego. Which was actuallyreally fun. However, right in the middle of my vacation, I was driving back to Andy's from dropping my little brother off and this lady cut's across 2 lanes on the freeway as I was exiting, she then comes back across the lanes, over a median, over another lane and straight into me at 60 MPH. She shotback off my car and pulled over. I was loaded into an ambulance and straight to the hospital. Since then, my neck and back have pretty off center, but I'm generally doing OK. My MX-6, however, was totalled in the accident. Since then I have worked out a settlement for the total loss and a rental back home to Utah. I have been out of work for 4 days since I got back which helped allot. In any event, I'm working on the medical settlement and getting back into shape as well as buying a new car. So, we'll see how things work out. But I'm still alive, still breathing. It's good to be back here at home updating my site. It's been a hectic few weeks.........I'm goin to sleep. I'll be back to update soon. G-Night.

March 10, 2004 2:37 AM

It's amazing how time seems to speed up and slow down so fast sometimes. Everythings rush, rush rush. Now wait. Now wait some more and think about what you've done and what your about to do. In a way I suppose it could be therapeutic for helping a person stay online and to continually rely and on trust they're own common sense as well as develop a sensible pattern of making good, thought out decisions. I know that simply sitting back and taking a bit of time to reflect has assisted myself with generally making the "better" choice. Which is why making mistakes pisses me off time and time again. But everything's great, it's a lesson that I have learned and will continue to search for. I could easily say that learning is defiantly my favorite thing to do. I enjoy having the answer...Maybe a little to much, eh. - In any event everything is great. It's Tuesday and I'm racin off the Vegas and San Diego in just a few days. I can't wait to get down and get some serious R&R with temperatures over 40. At this point, I'm wondering if that's just to much to ask, heh. I'm determined to get out of Utah. But when and how seems to be a learning experience I have yet to discover...I suppose a glorious, yet much to short vacation will have to do for now...

February 20, 2004 7:15 PM

Ahhhh, yes. It's Friday. I pulled off kind of a half ass week by taking Monday off a couple days ago, but all in all it has went well. There have been quite a few calls that I have dealt with that we're extremely helpful and informative for how XP functions in general. They have been a real pain to go through and fix, but the knowledge is payment enough. Just the simple fact that this company is paying me to come to this office, sit in this chair and fix computers is more than I could ask for. This is truly the beginning of a solid lasting career for myself and I plan to work as long and hard with helping as many people and problems as possible. I love it, which is funny because I don't think I would hear that come out of to many mouths around here. ;) - San Diego is getting closer as well. 3 Weeks exactly. My blood is boiling and my bones are shaking. It's been 2 years and I can't wait to see Andy and my little Brother. Also, getting the chance to meet quite a few of my bro's from half-Life is a big highlight too.  - In any event, as always, I gotta get back to work and finish this call and work week up. - Check back in later, maybe I'll hopefully have something more witty and entertaining to say! heh. See ya.

February 11, 2004 4:38 PM

Well damn it, it's Wednesday and my shift just started. Work has been interesting though. Microsoft Decided that having over 100 people waiting on hold everyday for over 8 hours is making customers pissed off, (who'd of thought) not to mention that half the so called, "technicians" are located in India. So, obviously that doesn't help. But I have had new tech's around here that are in training classes that come to sit down with me and listen to my calls trying to get the hang of things. But this is great cause with all these new tech's on the phone, the hold times are going to drop which means I get customers that are in a little better mood. But then again, when these people are pissed off, there is not allot I can do right off aside from fix the problem. I swear that people from New York are the worst. They want it done NOW. it's fairly annoying from time to time, but that's what I get paid for, right?  - Anyway, I gotta get back to work and finish up today. Catch ya later!

February 6, 2004 5:19 PM

I really don't want to be here today. Works dragging, especially considering I got my license back today and I'm stuck in front of this computer in this damn building. But then again it is freezing outside so doing anything worth while out there would only last so long. It was pay day today and that went well. Not as big as I would have liked but I asked for it when I took those days off eh? lol. On top of all that it's Friday and I'm looking forward to my 1st real weekend on my new schedule. I have a few plans with my brother but other than that, it's smooth sailing and plenty of sleep and of course....... half-Life! So, on that note I'll get back to formatting yet another XP computer for this guy in Alaska. Late.

January 29, 2004 5:09 PM

It's amazing how many computers I have formatted for legitimate reasons since I started XP Support. It seems like every other call, literally. I have learned quite a bit just over the last few weeks while supporting Windows XP. It's really been great! - As far as everything else, a lot of things that were causing the biggest headaches for me have come and gone. I finished all my classes with this legal problem and I get my license back on the sixth of February, which was the largest of my problems. In any event, everything's doing OK. I'm looking at a possible promotion at work up to "Technical Leader" for a group of front line technicians. And I have a trip planned to head down to San Diego, March 13th through the 23rd to see Andy and everyone I know and Love down there! Kinda crazy that is has been 2 years since I've been back. - Ok, Gotta get back to work faithful readers, thanx for stop'n in.... Peace.

January 23, 2004  11:05 PM

Wow, work has been crazy over the last 3 weeks or so since I got back from D.C. I'm finishing up what I need to with the Legal situation I got myself involved in. I have two more classes this Monday and Tuesday. Dusty at work helped me out to ensure that I wouldn't lose anymore hours, and changed my days off from Saturday-Sunday to Monday-Tuesday for this week, so I could be there to get it taken care of.
So, I got off at 11 tonight and I have work at 8 in the morning, so, for tonight I gotta get some rest!