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My Live DJ Stream has obviously been shutdown for over a year since relocating down to Houston. My interest, skills, tools and connections have expanded in ways I never expected because of it. In the near future I plan to put the live private stream back up, live online public shows and personal mixes that will be available to download. Stay tuned.

Hey everybody, thanks for stoppin in. After years of building, customizing and obviously neglecting this site at times, it will always be up for everyone and myself to check out, enjoy and just to keep up with what's going on. Let me know if you have any ideas or recommendations. Thanks again for stoppin in, - come back soon!!

April 30, 2010 10:47AM

Another year has almost past since updating last so I felt it was about damn time! At the moment I am not really in the mood to go into much details so I'll just say that things are well. Work is great and my dogs seems to get bigger, healthier and happier every day. - I'm working on tiling my kitchen, entry way and both bathrooms this week. My neighbor and I have made some killer progress so far and should be ready to start laying the tile by tomorrow. I'll make sure to post a few before and after pictures after we get everything down. Aside from that I'll just briefly say Madison god remarried sometime last month and I'm truly happy for them. Life has been far more healthy and happy for me since she's been gone and I'd like to keep it that way considering how she and her new guy have handled things with me after the fact. Good riddance. - Anyhow, I'm sitting here at work trying to wrap my week up to get home and back to work on the floors. Thanks for stopping in and checking up with me for those that do. See ya for now... Wes...

July 17, 2009 12:42PM

Well this is probably the most difficult post I've had so far. I am not sure where to start so let's go back to 08. - Christmas was really great in the new house with Madison and all of our friends. Things we're working quite well for a time however as the winter started to dry up things between Madison and I seemed to do the same. It's always complicated especially between two people to loved each other so deeply. Towards the end of February we hit some very tough times and she felt it would be better if she left our home and move on with her life alone. I will say both of us had areas that we could have and should have approached with more sensitivity and compassion. I feel that I've failed with more of these than she did. So at current times we have both had to move on and with the divorce being final now, the reality of it has sunk in very deep. - I am now only trying to focus on the aspects I failed with to take accountability and better myself, should another opportunity with a female arrive in my future.

This aside, I have to mention my motorcycle accident also. This happened mid march up by the BYU stadium. Now basically without painting the entire picture, I was passing stopped lanes with a red light to my right as a large chevy truck decided he wanted to take my green arrow left rather than waiting the instant that I was passing him. The front left quarter panel crushed into my front right farring, stopping the bike and sending my over the handbars to land on the incoming lane of traffic. Fortunately there was a red light so the lane was clear. The strange part about this was the man got out of his truck to help me. He turned me over and I recognized him instantly as Madison's old boss at Cuttontree Medical. He and a few others that stopped, helped me up and got the bike to the side of the road. We went through all of the paper work and the huge scene with a dozen cop cars, two ambulances and a fire truck. I thought at the time it was all very unnecessary but hey it's Provo, Utah, what else do all these cops have to do around here!? Anyway, the doctor who hit me offered to put my bike in the back of his truck to take it whereever I wanted. Since my brothers place was only a block away we decided to go there first. As we turned the corner, Aaron was outside waiting for us. The doctor dropped his jaw and said Aaron Vivian"? I asked how he knew my brother and he said, "I delivered all three of his kids and have been his family physician for years" It's amazing how small this world seems sometimes! So beyond all of this, I was wearing full gear and only sustained a minor shoulder injury. It would have been much worse if I was not wearing my helmet as my head was the first to hit the pavement. - recovery has been good and I am back to 100% now. - 100% so much so that I went out and bought another brand new 08 ZX-6R a few weeks back. It's great to be out and riding again after a 10 week break to heal up.

So, I am now a home owner down south, the puppies are good and I spend allot of time prepairing rose bouquets for my neighbors and taking care of my yard in general. It has been a huge task and I've learned allot which I am extremely thankful for. - Jax and Shelby and doing great as well. They are getting so big and it seems like the larger they get the more fearless and cocky they are. I think I am going to have to try a shock collar or something, they are driving me crazy lately.

The last update I have is with an attack in a shed in my backyard. It's just a little metal shed used to store all of my sprinkler and yard equipment. I was out there last Sunday getting pipes to fix a broken sprinkler head and as I turned to walk out and close the doors, 6-9 yellow jacket wasps attacked hitting me on the right eye lid, just below the eye, two on the back of the arm, two on the back and another I discovered days later on my neck. - I honestly did not feel any of the stings aside from the ones around my eye. These little guys really pack a punch. I was swollen for about 3 days and even now, 5 days later the pain is still throbbing at times and all the muscles on the right side of my face and neck don't feel or work quite right. I had and will always have the last laugh from now on after a quick stop at Home Depot for some vicious Raid wasp killer.

So, now I sit in the same desk, working away as hard as I can to keep my clients happy. I did receive a promotion about 2 months back to be responsible for 13 of the 22 enterprise clients we have. Although it has a been another great opportunity and boost in experience, it's also been many more late nights and complex project based problems. - I'm still loving it though and my 5 year reunion at DirectPointe will be coming up here in January so that's exciting for me.- I'll let you all go for now but thank you very much for taking the time to read. Give me a call sometime, no one else does anymore! Take care... Wes. (Here's my puppies!)

December 15, 2008 2:44PM

Well where did the year go?! A little over two weeks and it'll be gone forever. Between getting married and buying a house, the last few months have been action packed. Madison and I picked up a really nice two story home in Spanish Fork mid November. I'll need to come back and update later with pictures from home as I don't have them stored on this machine. Aside from that Madi went well out of her comfort zone for me and bought two new miniature pinschers. Jax and Shelby. They really have been such an awesome addition for us. Training has been a bit of a trial but they are coming along just fine. I think when summer rolls around it will be easier for them with being outside. They really do hate the cold! I'll get some pictures of those little guys up here too. Christmas looks like it's going to be a local one for us this year. Heather and her family may make it out but aside from that, it'll be a Nielsen house morning to celebrate and give presents. It'll be great though. For now, I'm still just getting through the work day. Plenty to do and I'd better get back to it. More updates and pictures soon! ..Wes..

May 14, 2008 4:34 PM

Hello all! Always and again, thanks for stopping by to check out my site and what's going on with me. Unfortunately this go around I don't have to much time to update things but I do have to let you all know that I am getting married. Madison and I have been together for just under 3 and a half years now and things feel right. She's been a wonderful woman in my life. In any event, we're looking at August 8th 2008 which should be easy to remember for everyone as 8-8-08. We're trying to get things setup now and at least part of my responsibility is getting the word out and collecting addresses and information for those that I know and would like to come. Along those lines, for all of you that are reading this and would like to show up, shoot your information to me at wesvivian@gmail.com and I'll take care of getting you the information. - Aside from that, life is good. Work has been good to me lately, however hectic and difficult it can be at times, I still enjoy it very much. Anyway, I hope everyone out there is well, I love you all. Take care. Wes... - Oh I also have to mention that my brother Jon is involved in some serious training and is looking at deploying to Iraq with his Marines this summer. I'll make sure to get more details to post here for him. Thanks!

March 19, 2008 2:12PM

Well everyone, all is well! My trip back west went as great as I had hoped it would. San Diego is always good to go back to but it's been a long time since I was there in "Winter". Although, I have to laugh when anyone mentions that word out there as if they have any clue :). It was a bit cold at times but all in all, wonderful. The trip up to mammoth was epic. It was a long drive but well worth it. We got up there to a 25 foot base and constant snow. It dumped 51 inches in the three days we we're there and still coming down as we regretfully had to leave. In any event, the entire experience was perfect aside from some crappy gear that wouldn't stay put or kept fogging up but we still made the best of it. - I'm now back sitting in this same chair, staring at a screen and constantly putting out technical fires for clients. There's a guy that we work with here who's nicknamed himself, Digital Janitor. If that isn't the best definition of what we do around here I don't know what it. Anyway, the job's good and life is great. It's finally warming up around here and I've been riding my ZX-6R quite a bit. It's been nice to only have to throw a jacket, gloves and a helmet rather than 2 other layers and a face mask. It's just not comfortable. So, let's change the subject and make it awkward by ending this post. Works calling and I gotta get back. Take care. ..Wes..

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